“The sum of our life is the hours during which we loved.”

(Wilhelm Busch)

Paartherapie Jaberg

What gives me energy

I am a psychologist out of passion, i.e. what makes people tick and what triggers them has always been of highest interest to me.

After getting an undergraduate and graduate degree in psychology in Konstanz, Tübingen and Philadelphia (USA), I have been working as a therapist for many years. Moving on into the corporate world, I have delivered  leadership courses and provided coachings for leaders.

Now, in my early fifties, being married the second time, I am familiar with the pitfalls of marriage and of patchwork family life. It still is the core issue of couple’s therapy which is most fascinating and intriguing to me within the area of family therapy. I am deeply convinced that a loving relationship is one of the most valuable gifts in life.

It is my heartfelt desire, to enable couples to see each other again with empathy and goodwill and to look  at each other with loving eyes.

Three ingredients:

  • Generosity,

  • Goodwill/ Empathy,

  • Tenderness