Structural Family Therapy
Child Guidance Clinic Philadelphia, USA: 1993-1994 Structural Family Therapy
Crisis Counseling Rape
WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape) Philadelphia, USA: 1993 Rape Crisis Counseling
Couple Therapy
European Academy for Couple’s Therapy cooperating with University of Tübingen: March 2016 to June 2017 : 5 Modules (Prof Dr. Dirk Revenstorf and Dr. Halko Weiss)
Milton Erickson Society Tübingen April 2017 to September 2018: 8 Basic Modules and 3 Advanced Modules
Systemic Sexual Therapy
International Society for Systemic Therapy (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement) January 2018 to January 2019: 5 Modules