Clients feedback

The advice from Mrs Jaberg-Hauser was very helpful for us. Quickly, she was able to identify important triggers for problems in our relationship and to work with us. We ourselves often talk to each other, but we have not come so close to the heart of the matter without support. The conversations she moderated have improved our understanding of each other’s point of view, which has allowed us to change a number of things that have brought significant improvement after a short period of time.

The professional and impartial moderation in particular was a great experience for both of us.

We wish you and your clients that you will continue to counsel with success and we will be happy to work with you again at any time if necessary.
Thank you very much for this one important word and for the opportunity that this creates for us. I am already looking forward to the next date, the last one has helped me personally very much.
We would like to thank you very much. Time and again we argued about the same issues until it escalated. It was clear to us: It’s definitely not going on like this. Of course, we were also unsure and wondered before the couple’s consultation if this really would change anything. And it has changed something, even a lot more than we might have thought. We’ve learned how to deal with each other differently than before, and again have much more closeness and understanding for each other. Coming to you was the best thing we could do, without your help we would no longer celebrate a common anniversary.